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Daily Nutrition Nibble: Remember to Stay Hydrated!

It’s hot out there! Make sure that you are staying hydrated. Drinking good quality water is vital to feeling happy and healthy. Staying hydrated not only helps to transport nutrients and remove wastes from the body but it helps to regulate the osmotic pressure of our cells. It also helps in regulating our body temperature and moistening our air passageways.  Drinking tea, soda, and coffee doesn’t count as staying hydrated (in fact, these beverages leave us dehydrated). Get yourself a BPA-free water bottle to carry around with you during the day. I like using the CamelBak Groove because it filters water on-the-go. Keeping the bottle with you at all times will help you remember to stay hydrated. Add some lemon juice to your water for added taste and nutrients.

Authen-tip: Quick Nutrition Tips for Migraines

If you have ever suffered through a migraine headache, you know how debilitating they can be! Migraine triggers can include food allergies, hormonal changes, and stress/anxiety. If you get these horrible headaches, be sure to include plenty of fresh and organic vegetables in your diet.  Eat as many leafy greens (kale, chard, spinach) as possible. Avoid artificial ingredients in foods (colorings, preservatives, etc.) as they can trigger or make your migraine worse. Stay clear of foods that have been shown to precipitate a migraine by causing a constriction of the blood vessels. Such foods include cheese, red wine, hot dogs, preserved meat, corn, and shellfish. Avoid foods with the amino acid tyramine found in avocados, bananas, cabbage, canned fish, dairy products, eggplant, hard cheeses, potatoes, raspberries, red plums, tomatoes, and yeast. Drink plenty of water and eliminate caffeine.