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Authen-tip: The Benefits of “Good” Bacteria (Probiotics)

“Friendly bugs” or “good baceteria” are important for not only promoting a healthy digestive system but for keeping us well from infections, asthma, colds, and even some cancers. This beneficial bacteria can be obtained by eating foods such as yogurt, fermented fruits and vegetables, saurkraut, and miso. You can also drink probiotic beverages  like kombucha and kefir. Many people find it is easier to take a probiotic supplement but you should note that not all probiotics are the same. If you are supplementing, be sure you do your homework or consult a natural health practitioner to determine which probiotic product is right for you. Always store probiotics in a dry and cool place. I keep mine in the refrigerator next to my coconut water so I’ll remember to take it every morning! My favorite brand is from Green Valley Organics, especially their Strawberry Pomegranate Acai kefir. It’s delish!

Authen-tip: Feeling Good with Fermented Foods

Did you know that fermenting your own foods (like raw kimchi and sauerkraut) is a good way to incorporate friendly bacteria into your diet? We need these good bugs to promote  proper digestion and to help us stay healthy, especially as we come into cold and flu season. Fermented foods are also high in B vitamins, which gives us a natural lift of energy. Try including tempeh, unpasteurized white miso (in soup or a salad dressing), or apple cider vinegar into your diet. Use nutritional yeast on your dishes in place of cheese. Your body will thank you!

Daily Nutrition Nibble: Getting Well with Garlic

The medicinal use of garlic goes as far back a 1500 BC when the Egyptians used it for a variety of ailments including wounds, tumors, parasites, headaches, and heart disease. Garlic has strong antifungal and antibacterial properties which makes it an important food for helping us stay well. It’s loaded with vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese, and selenium. It also contains bone-building calcium, energy-producing phosphorus, and sleep-promoting tryptophan.