Authentic Product Pick: 100% Pure Cosmetics and Skin Care Products

100 Percent Pure Cosmetics and Skin Care

During the past six years that I’ve been a Nutritional Therapist, I’ve been searching high and low for a cosmetic and skin care line to recommend. Believe me. I’ve tried a lot of products! The problem was that they always fell short of my expectations. Either the products contained questionable ingredients, they didn’t work, or they were too expensive. I needed to find a line that EVERYBODY could purchase and feel good about using.

Finally…my search is over! I’ve discovered 100% Pure, a cosmetics and skin care company that makes the products I’ve always dreamed about. Their mission is to create the healthiest cosmetics made with the highest quality ingredients possible. All 100% Pure formulas are free of harmful synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins. Their pure, biodegradable formulas are packaged with post consumer recycled plastic, glass, soda cans, paper and printed with biodegradable non toxic vegetable ink. Best of all? 100% Pure is completely cruelty free and charitable towards animal welfare. How cool is that?

So, what makes 100% Pure products so special? It’s their use of fruit pigments which give berries (like strawberries and blueberries) their pretty, vibrant colors! All 100% Pure cosmetics are colored with fruit and vegetable pigments which means the antioxidants and vitamins are included in the products as well. That means your skin is going to get nourished, giving it the opportunity to look and feel amazing!

100% PureI recently tried out a variety of 100% Pure products and I loved them all! Their lip colors are gorgeous. I was really surprised by how vibrant the colors were! My new go-to lip product is the Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in Peach Bellini. It goes on silky, smooth, and has a beautiful color that would work with a variety of skin tones. I also love the Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipstick in Primrose. There is nothing boring about this color at all! It is as vibrant as the nutrients and ingredients used to make it.

I’ve also been using the 100% Pure Purity Facial Cleanser and Mask. This is a great product for people who tend to experience breakouts and/or100% Pure acne. This product contains authentic ingredients like organic aloe juice, red algae, coconut oil, and kelp powder. I just simply spread some over my skin, let it dry, and wash it off. The way it makes my skin feel so fresh and clean is incredible!

Last but not least, I am loving the 100% Pure Acai Berry Antioxidants and Vitamins Anti-Aging Serum. This product is concentrated with wrinkle erasing, anti-inflammatory and skin firming nutrients like gamma linolenic acid, vitamin C, vitamin A and potent antioxidants. It contains ingredients that help to moisturize, firm, and revitalize skin for a healthier and more youthful complexion. I love the way this serum smells too…it reminds me of being in a fancy spa!

Learn more about 100% Pure by visiting their website at I would also recommend that you check them out on Facebook and like their page. Believe me….the first time you try one of their products, you will be hooked! Not only will you look and feel amazing, you can feel good about knowing that you are nourishing your body from the outside-in!