Authentic Product Pick: The Better Bean Company

The Better Bean Co

Are you a bean-a-holic like me? Do you eat beans with every meal of the day? Well, let me tell you…you’ve never experienced the true flavor and nutritional benefits of beans until you try The Better Bean Company products! I recently had the pleasure of trying out their delicious beans and I was hooked!

It all started when founder Keith Kullberg visited Ensenada, Mexico. This town is know for their Bean Cones….yep, just like an ice cream cone but filled with delicious beans! Keith was immediately hooked but was dismayed when he learned that lard was used in the recipe. As a vegetarian, this didn’t sit well with him. That set him off on a mission to recreate the flavor he loved without the use of animal products. What emerged were the Kullberg family refried beans. The recipe was a hit and thirty years later, Keith decided to share his recipe with the world. This was the birth of the Better Bean Company!

The Better Bean Company products are fabulous. Not only are they all natural (no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives) they are vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free! Keith uses local beans sourced from farms located in the Pacific Northwest and he doesn’t package the beans in cans. Freshly-prepared and refrigerated, these beans are bursting with flavor. Best of all? The Better Bean Company went through the verification process to make sure their products are Non-GMO Project Verified. They were also a big supporter on Oregon’s Yes on 92 Campaign. How cool is that?

There are a variety of Better Bean Company products to choose from…and they are all amazing! I could go on and on about the flavors and different ways I incorporated them into recipes.  That being said, I selected three of my favorite types of beans: the Tuscan White Beans, the Roasted Chipotle Bean Dip, and the Three Sisters Chili. The Tuscan White Beans are rich in flavor due to the added fennel and rosemary. I loved the Roasted Chipotle Bean Dip because it has an added hint of lime juice. Yum! The Three Sisters Chili rocked my world with added corn, squash, and ancho pepper. These products are so tasty that you can literally eat them right out of the container! You can also visit their website for some awesome recipe ideas at

The Better Bean Company beans are available at different stores around the country, so make sure you pick some up the next time you are out grocery shopping. I know that you will love their beans as much as I do!

The Better Bean Co