Book Review: Homemade Condiments by Jessica Harian

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My body has always been incredibly sensitive to preservatives and artificial ingredients. Whenever I would accidentally consume them, I would get slammed with a nasty migraine. Conventional condiments like soy sauce, pickle relish, and even ketchup were the worst culprits. I found myself eating meals dry and without any added flavor or sauce. I told myself that it was worth it because the pain of having a migraine was just something that I couldn’t endure. That’s when I discovered how easy it was to make my own condiments, free from artificial ingredients and preservatives. I began using whole food ingredients to make things like ketchup, salad dressings, mustard, and even Thai dipping sauces. They were delicious!

I recently came across the book Homemade Condiments by Jessica Harian and was so happy to find that it was filled with creative condiment recipes that I could use everyday. This book gives you tips on preparing condiments and teaches you how to include them in a variety of dishes. It encourages you to take herbs and fresh foods from your garden and start including them in each recipe. Some of my favorite recipes included the Green Chile Mustard, Corn and Pepper Relish, and Rosemary-Infused Oil. The beginning of the book walks you through the tools needed to keep your kitchen well-equipped to make the recipes and it gives an interesting history on condiments. Love that! I recommend that you purchase this book and start making delicious condiment recipes every day!