Authentic Food of the Day: Celery!

When I became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, people use to tell me that all I would do was munch on celery all day long. While that’s just a stereotype (us nutritionists love to eat a wide variety of tasty food), I do enjoy snacking on celery sticks during the day. Celery has been an ideal food for a long time due to its high water content and convenience for on-the-go snacking. It’s low in calories and goes great with lots of different types of dips (hummus being my favorite). Celery is high in potassium and calcium which makes it a good food for promoting healthy bones. Celery also contains compounds that may protect us from inflammation and high blood pressure. The dark green stalks and leaves on celery are rich in minerals and vitamin C. Celery is high in fiber which makes it a great food for promoting proper digestion.


– Celery is rich in phythalides, a unique compound that has been shown to lower blood pressure. 

– If cooking your celery, leave the leaves on the stalks. They contain a high concentration of nutrients that are beneficial to your health.