Authentic Food of the Day: Kiwifruit

When you think of foods that are good sources of vitamin C, you typically think of oranges, right? Did you know that kiwifruit actually contain more vitamin C than the equivalent of one orange? In addition to this immune-boosting vitamin, kiwifruit is a very good source of dietary fiber to help our digestive system stay in good health and potassium for maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in our bodies. It’s also a good source of fat-soluble vitamin E. Kiwifruit is loaded with copper, magnesium, and manganese. It’s a great little fruit to include in your daily diet to promote a healthy heart, cells, and a strong immune system.


– When it comes to picking out the perfect kiwifruit, be sure to press your thumb against it’s skin. The skin should yield to gentle pressure, indicating that the fruit is sweet, ripe, and ready to be eaten.

– Kiwifruit can either be stored in your refrigerator or at room temperature. It’s really up to you!