Authentic Food of the Day: Quinoa!

Quinoa is not only a fun word to say, it’s a yummy food to eat! Everyone seems to think that quinoa is a grain when it’s actually a seed, but who cares? It’s so tasty with a variety of foods and complements almost any entrée. Quinoa was known by the Incas as the “mother of grains”. They used the seeds of this plant as one of their main sources of nutrition. Quinoa is becoming more common at a variety of grocery stores. You can now purchase several different types of quinoa in the bulk aisle in addition to the rice aisle. Quinoa is considered to be high in protein. The protein quality and quantity in a quinoa seed is often better than the more common cereal grains.  This seed is actually higher in lysine than wheat. Lysine is an amino acid that is rare in the vegetable kingdom. It’s considered to be a well-balanced nutrient for human nutrition. Quinoa has lower sodium content and is high in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese, and zinc. You can use quinoa to make flour, soup, or cereal. Most often, it is cooked as a rice dish and served along with an entrée.


– When cooking quinoa, it’s advised to rinse the seeds before boiling them. This will help improve the flavor of the seeds and eliminate that tart taste quinoa can have.

– There is about 5 grams of fiber in a cup of quinoa.