Authentic Food of the Day: Raspberries

I absolutely adore picking berries on a beautiful sunny day! I am fortunate to live in Oregon where wild berries grow abundantly. Raspberries have to be my favorite berry because they taste so wonderful and go well in many different dishes! Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to this juicy berry than just a delicious taste. Raspberries are one of the top fruit sources of fiber. We need to include a fair amount of fiber in our diets in order to keep our digestive system in optimal health. Fiber also helps us feel full which aids in keeping hunger cravings away. Raspberries have been shown to have anti-cancer properties, especially when it comes to cancers of the mouth, throat, and colon. They contain high levels of vitamin C and manganese, which helps ward off sickness and infections. Raspberries contain 50 percent more antioxidant power than strawberries. They are also full of vitamin B3, biotin, folate and iron.


– Raspberries are a good source of ellagic acid which helps to destroy free radicals responsible for causing harm to our bodies.

– According to ancient myths, raspberries were thought to originally be white until the nymph Ida pricked her finger while gathering babies for baby Jupiter.