Authen-tip: Nutrition Tips for Menstrual Cramps

Is it that time of the month again? Are those pesky period cramps creeping up on you? Period pain is caused when the uterine muscles spasm after dispelling the lining (endometrium). Fortunately, nutrition plays a big role in how we experience our periods every month. If you are experiencing nasty cramps, you may have an imbalance of of hormones and be low in calcium and magnesium. Be sure that you eating foods like Swiss chard, kale, broccoli, cherries, beets, and pumpkin seeds. It is also important for women to include plenty of riboflavin (vitamin B2) in their diet, especially around the time of their periods. This is because it has been shown to boost the hemoglobin levels in women with heavy periods. Some great foods that are rich in vitamin B2 include crimini mushrooms, spinach, romaine lettuce, celery, and collard greens. You can also incorporate riboflavin in your diet by eating raspberries and green peas. Stay clear of pre-packaged foods, refined carbohydrates, dairy, sweets, and alcohol.